My MET Experience in Bogotá

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Arriving late on a June night in Bogota, I found the MET Community team, headed by the energetic Yanire Brana, hard at work. They were focused on putting the finishing touches on a day-long event called the Innovative Women Entrepreneurs Forum.

METBOGOTAI joined their meeting and listened as each woman at the table spoke about her role and responsibilities in the Forum, and I was easily caught up in their warmth, lively discussion, and energy. Their dedication was inspiring, and I basked in the vitality of MET and Bogota!

The Forum, which was held the next day on June 3, brought together business leaders and motivated professionals alike to inspire, connect, and support women entrepreneurs from across Colombia. Workshops were held throughout the day to network, train, and mentor the women business leaders of tomorrow. Each woman I met had a distinct story about her trials, journeys, and goals, but MET was a vital component for each of them to further their professional development.

BBVA, a partner and supporter of MET, generously hosted the event at their location in Bogata’s bustling Financial District. Meeting the hardworking staff, leadership team, and the President of the BBVA, Mr. Oscar Cabrera, who is a strong supporter of MET’s endeavors, was extraordinary.

METBOGOTA2The closing luncheon with the UAE Ambassador, one of MET’s staunchest supporters in Latin America, was inspiring. Their encouragement, generosity and assistance has been invaluable as MET grows to reach more and more women across Latin America.

The conference left me with many wonderful memories, and so much inspiration for the future. It was a wonderful and heartening experience, and reminded me what an honor it is to be a member of MET Community!

Mariella Zuniga is the Mentorship Team Lead for MET Community U.S. In her professional life, she is a seasoned and highly motivated healthcare professional and an MBA with more than a decade of operational management expertise, and is Managing Director of a leading rehabilitative therapy center.