MET Community US Celebrates Women’s Entrepreneurship

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On Tuesday, October 20th, MET Community celebrated women’s entrepreneurship with a special event at Taberna del Alabardero in Washington, DC. With the support of CIFI, guests enjoyed tastings from the restaurant’s menu and Spanish wines provided by Ethnica Foods. And while wining and dining, guests also learned about the impact that MET Community is making globally and about its vision for the US.

MET Community is an international organization dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs through mentorship, training and networking.

With thriving chapters in Colombia, Mexico and Spain, MET was ready in 2015 to launch its US pilot mentorship program in Washington, DC, with several women from different backgrounds and with different business projects. Mentees attend workshops as well as meet with their mentors on a regular basis to work through everything from business plans to marketing.

It was at the October 20 event that the wider DC community got to see MET in action, connecting with leadership, long-time supporters, mentors, mentees, and local entrepreneurs.


And as part of the evening’s festivities, guests got to hear from supporters of the organization, including Ángel Cabrera, President of George Mason University, and CIFI’s new CEO, Cesar Canedo, whose company’s support has been so important to the success of MET Community in Latin America.

Cabrera gave an inspiring speech, sharing the story of 20 women from Afghanistan brought to Thunderbird Business School in Arizona to study business. “We thought we were teaching them accounting and business administration,” he said, “But what they taught us is that the key to successful entrepreneurship is to have someone you can hold hands with.”

Women entrepreneurs are successful when they are surrounded by an involved network. His words truly captured the essence of the evening.

Why MET Community, Now More Than Ever

A few weeks ago, the World Bank Group released its prestigious “Women, Business and Law”  report, a collection of data on laws and regulations that restrict women from employment and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The World Bank’s Director of Global Indicators, Augusto Lopez-Claros, presented some of the report’s key points at Tuesday’s event.

Some of the statistics he shared were astounding:

  • Women face gender-based job descriptions in approximately 100 countries.
  • In some countries, men can prevent their wives from working –legally.
  • Women’s average life expectancy in countries with laws protecting them against violence is longer than in those that do not have those laws.

Even in the 21st century, women continue to face challenges due to strict laws and regulations preventing them from making their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

One way we can overcome some of these challenges is by providing them with the network, tools and training to help them navigate a complex business environment to make their ideas and dreams into something more — and this is where MET can help! From the trainings to the mentorship programs, MET Community helps aspiring women business owners throughout their journey.

MET Community DC is Made Possible Thanks to the Support of the Local Community

MET USThank you to everyone who attended MET’s Celebration on Tuesday, and thank you to the mentors, mentees and entrepreneurs who donated raffle items.

A BIG shout out to our  sponsors and partners: CIFI, the World Bank Group, Matrix Group International, Solutions Realty Group and Ethnica Foods.This event was made possible thanks to their ongoing support.

We invite you to join the growing team of donors who make MET possible!

Funds raised from the event support MET Community’s mentorship programming.

Learn how to get involved with MET Community at https://metcommunity.org/united-states/