MET Community Launches in Panama

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Last month, approximately 300 women entrepreneurs gathered in Panama City for the MET Community’s Forum of Innovative Entrepreneurs. Sponsored by CIFI, the World Bank Group, the Omar Torrijos Foundation, BID and the City of Panama, attendees got to hear from business leaders from across Latin America, connect with one another, and develop the tools and knowledge to support
their business initiatives. Taller Panamá 2

Why MET Panama Now

In 2013, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Women’s Report released a report on the impact that women entrepreneurs have in 67 countries. Interestingly enough, Panama ranked as one of seven economies where the number of women-owned start-ups were higher or equal to those of their male counterparts. Yet, women entrepreneurs in Panama still face cultural and economic challenges, which results in the number of legally established businesses owned by women being very low. These women lack the tools, knowledge and experience needed to launch and grow successful, legally-established businesses. Taller Panamá 12MET Community is already supporting women entrepreneurs in Panama by providing them with:

  • A forum to learn from business leaders 
  • Trainings and tools to support them with all facets of their businesses
  • A global support network

MET Community’s mission in Panama is to provide women entrepreneurs there — and worldwide — with forums to learn, network, and gather support.

Learn more about MET Panama at www.FOROMET.org