5 Takeaways from MET Community’s Branding and Communications: Tips and Tools Workshop

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Marketing and communications can be a tricky avenue to go down when it comes to launching or managing a business. There are so many questions that can stir up in one’s mind. What is branding?  What’s the difference between marketing and public relations?  How do I make sure that I am communicating my brand effectively? If you have asked yourself these questions then the place to get answers was at  MET Community’s Branding and Communications: Tips and Tools Workshop that took place at WeWork Crystal City last month. The event was part of the organization’s METWorking Series, which is supported by the Beacon Initiative.

Presented by Yanire Brana (CEO and Founder, MET Community), Sherrie Bakshi (US Director, MET COMMUNITY) and Xina Eiland (President, X+PR), attendees  gathered some great tools and tips to help them put together their marketing and communications plans.

Here are 5 takeaways that are sure to assist you with your branding and communications outreach:

  • You want to to make sure that your marketing plans covers the 4 P’s; Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Key – know your target audience.
  • Branding is a part of marketing and what you communicate needs to be in line with it. If you don’t control what you are communicating effectively then your brand will be created for you.
  • Your communications plan needs to  align with your overall marketing strategy. Make sure you have measurable goals and objectives, messaging that can help you connect with your audiences’ needs, the types of channels you will use to communicate  with them  and a way to measure its effectiveness.
  • Everyone is not online. So because of this, you must take in to consideration how things are communicated and how they will be communicated outside of the web.
  • Align your business with what’s on your audience’s top of mind. This can be anything related to issues  impacting their communities and their lifestyle and needs at the time.

Of course, there were tons more information provided during the event. The presenters did a great job of touching on many different topics and shared personal experiences with the attendees. Great questions were asked and insightful suggestions were provided. The event ended with a great deal of networking and new perspectives on marketing and communications.

This article is written by Shanique Stevenson, Marketing Lead at MET Community US.