The MET Mentoring Program

The MET Mentoring Program promotes entrepreneurship through best practices and methodologies that have been developed and honed over the years. The Program works with the unique needs of participants and involves an international community of trainers, mentors, and collaborators as well as multi-national institutions that create the ideal "environment" conducive to providing support to women entrepreneurs

Mentoring and technology are at the heart of MET and these are complemented by training, networking and communication activities. 

Why a mentoring program for women entrepreneurs?

The current economic climate has made entrepreneurship a first choice for many professional women. Although the number of women entrepreneurs is increasing, very few develop their businesses successfully. Social realities, daily demands and the lack of mechanisms to support entrepreneurs sometimes result in loss of earnings and missed opportunities. This is the main reason why women entrepreneurs need acceleration programs, tools and support networks that encourage, inspire and connect.

In MET, it is fundamental to have a collegial and collaborative community.  MET focuses on promoting professional and personal development based on respect, compassion, and trust.The organization welcomes and embraces gender neutral individuals of varying levels of expertise and backgrounds, and socially responsible entities that want to support our cause and mission

What are the objectives of this program?

The MET mentoring program provides support and training to women entrepreneurs.The program assists in developing positive and encouraging professional relationships; helps women acquire tools and skills to evolve as entrepreneurs, and aims to enable them to mobilize their projects efficiently and effectively.

At MET, we encourage, connect and mobilize women, focusing on the development of the complete individual. We want to:

  • Help women entrepreneurs from the beginning, supporting them as they outline their objectives, reaffirm their motivations, identify their goals, and define what they need to achieve them. And also, facilitate better understanding of their potential and capabilities.
  • Activate and prioritize an entrepreneurial environment that offers support and assistance; determine the contributing factors that ensure the sustainability and potential success of new businesses.

What is exactly the mentoring program?

Mentoring is a process of support, whereby a mentor generously shares experiences and knowledge with a mentee (in this case an entrepreneur) during a given period of time.

To participate in the MET program as either a mentor or mentee, registration is required. A focused selection process will culminate and a system of matching of a mentor or mentee to each selected candidate will commence and run through a period of 6-9 months.

The mentoring program is complemented with workshops, skills training, networking and communication activities.

Who can participate in the program?

The program is focused on women over the age of 18 who have:

  • An early stage enterprise project (less than three years old).
  • Proximity to the program's hub and network (currently serving the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas), and/or the ability to travel to the area at least six times during the program period.
  • Entrepreneurial profile and potential to develop the project.

The mentee application may be submitted individually, or as part of a team. Teams can consist of men and women and may be supported by outside persons or institutions; HOWEVER, only the LEAD woman entrepreneur of the project will have access to the MET mentoring program.

How can I apply?

A completed application must be submitted on the specified deadline date in the MET Platform.

(See registration form).