Mentees EN

The MET mentees are entrepreneurial ethic, willing to develop an innovative idea to create profitable and sustainable enterprises that can produce economic impact and / or socially, thereby generating business and employment and spreading those values and experiences emprendedora--culture to their environment. In MET support to the project but not to women entrepreneurs, for whom without losing sight of their training, academic qualifications and experience-is valued above all the passion, motivation, talent and commitment demonstrated in rigorous selection.

Mentees 2017 Program

Gladys Del Pozo
Yurani Sandoval
Anastasia Fletcher
Carmen Moreno
Anna Ulbrich
Rickelle Gordon
Vladlena Peschanska
Jessica Harkins
Jenee L Young
Lucia Ferreira
Reghe Ojaide
Lina Salazar

Mentees 2014-2015 Program