What is MET?

MET Community is an international, non-profit organization that promotes and supports sustainable, responsible, and innovative entrepreneurship among women through training, mentorship, and networking. We are:

INTERNATIONAL: MET has a presence in six countries: Spain, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and the US, and has partnerships with BBVA, the World Bank and BELCORP Foundation.

DIVERSE AND MULTIDISCIPLINARY: the participants represent an extraordinary diversity of socioeconomic backgrounds, nationalities and sectors.

SELECTIVE AND EXCLUSIVE: All members of our community are carefully selected.

LOCAL AND FLEXIBLE: The content and activities of MET programs are adapted to the specific needs of the participants in each country.

TECHNOLOGICAL AND INNOVATIVE: MET is characterized by the intensive use of technology as a tool for community management and a communication channel between its members to foster personal and professional growth.


Community Values: C2+E2

    • Commit to mission.
    • Collaborate with, help and trust others.
    • Engage with people who are passionate about helping others. Learn and teach, without expecting anything in return. 
    • Energize with people who respect, recognize, accept, appreciate, and value other people's talents.




  • Encourage a movement in civil society that dares for social innovation as the main axis for the development of sustainable businesses.
  • Educate companies and society about the importance of diversity, innovation and social responsibility to achieving sustainable business.
  • Increase the visibility and reach of social innovation topics, diversity management, and social responsibility in Spain, the US, Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Promote knowledge about social innovation and diversity among all participants.


1. Commitment

We are committed to our organization's main objective: supporting and promoting sustainable, responsible and innovative female entrepreneurship by offering exceptional quality services, and promoting collaboration between members to work in a more comfortable, fair and fraternal society that works fosters and enhances business success.

2. Trust

We trust our community members, and believe in their good intentions, talent and responsibility; we respect the copyrights on information and materials provided by the organization or its members; we commit to maintain the confidentiality of the information we receive.

3. Social Responsibility

We respect the law, traditions and customs of the countries where we operate, while supporting our work with the principles and values of today’s society. We support and promote woman entrepreneurs whose projects are sustainable, responsible, but also innovative. MET stands with original projects that contribute to progress and the welfare of society by bringing social development and prosperity.

4. Humility

We are conscious of our limitations and capacity for improvement; we appreciate the qualities and skills of our members and we learn from each other, improving as people and as professionals day by day.

5. Integrity

We are faithful to ourselves and to others, guided by honesty and transparency. We understand and recognize when personal interests may be in conflict with the organization's interests, affect job performance or otherwise affect the decision making process, and expect members to recuse themselves as necessary.

6. Generosity

We selflessly and voluntarily share knowledge and experiences without expecting anything in return, with only the objective of supporting, promoting and fostering the personal and professional development of each of the Community members.