The MET community benefits from a variety of workshops led by professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Mentors provide entrepreneurial knowledge, assist in the development of mentee skills and provide feedback in order to help women entrepreneurs reach and exceed their potential -- both personally and professionally.

In MET, we value the acquisition of knowledge, the development of skills and the promotion of professionalism and networking, all of which are necessities for those who choose the path of entrepreneurship. 


Learning is an ongoing, lifelong process. And learning to develop and maintain a competitive edge is always a priority for those who choose the path of the entrepreneurship. 

In MET, parallel to the action plan that each mentee develops and carries out as part of the program, mentees participate in workshops that focus on the building blocks of entrepreneurship. Workshops are led by professionals and experts, and are designed to address the concrete needs of the mentees. Other members of the MET Community who are interested are also invited to participate.

The object of the workshops is improve and to enrich the professional development of woman entrepreneurs, to help them gain the self-confidence to successfully take on the challenges their businesses throw at them. Workshops improve skills and capacities in the areas of Marketing, Legal, Finance, Leadership, Innovation, Technology.

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